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1ˢᵗ stage: Preparation of the report

The mandatory report elaboration comprises both analysis and evaluation of a company (equity research).

The company assigned to each participant is randomly drawn.

* Important note: no previous knowledge about Finances is required for the report writing.

The overall quality will be steered from the effort hours put in, rather than any 'intellectual skill" of some sort.

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2ⁿᵈ stage: Interviews

Approved applicants from the first stage (report) will proceed to the interview stage.

The interview will take place with up to two entrants, with at least two interviewers, too.

This is the final stage of Poli Finance's recruitment process; thus, we highly advise and encourage the approved candidate to thoroughly understand about the analyzed company of their submitted research report.



  • Sign-ups: from Aug 14ᵗʰ to Sep 17ᵗʰ

  • Companies' draw and assignment: Sep 18ᵗʰ

  • Institutional Lectures: Aug 17ᵗʰ and Aug 28ᵗʰ 

  • Report submission: Oct 29ᵗʰ

  • Interviews: from Nov 6ᵗʰ to Nov 10ᵗʰ and Nov 13ᵗʰ to Nov 24ᵗʰ

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