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A financial market league committed to purpose and determination


Course given by Poli Finance members to the polytechnic community. It aims to offer the basic Hard Skills and necessary knowledge thsary for the financial market and also help the students to enter the job market.

Recruitment fair organized by the group, which seeks to bring professionals from different institutions and areas. The event offers a complete view of the financial market and enables informal conversations between students and financial market professionals.

Semiannual event to present the group's results to members, former members and the community. In addition to the presentation of cases, the Poli Finance's equity research challenge, is also held there.

The event, held in partnership with the Academic Center for Production Engineering, provides lectures with icon professionals and working days for any university students seeking to understand a little more about the world of finance.


Lectures that can be on internships or on any relevant topic related to the financial market. They seek to introduce the financial market to the polytechnic and disseminate knowledge.

Working Days

Visit to banks and financial market institutions, allowing a close view of the work routine and the area. 

Poli's corporate leagues project to bring more knowledge not only to the polytechnic student, but to the entire student community. The magazine will address, every six months, articles with current content and trends for the world of business, economics and politics.

Collection of works recommended by members of Poli Finance for the community to be able to access and acquire according to a division of the most relevant subjects in the financial market.

Member Projects

Study group

Weekly meetings between members for the development of Hard Skills linked to the financial market, being separated into levels of knowledge.

Visiting banks

Visit to banks and round table with interns or analysts who can talk about their routines. The goal is for members to identify which area and institution they want to work with.


Made by former members of Poli Finance for members who intend to intern in the following semester. It aims to identify in which area or type of institution the member wants to work and prepare him for the selection process.


Made with banks and partner institutions, seeking to develop both Hard and Soft Skills. They consist of both a class with a renowned professional in the financial market and a preparatory course training.

Equity Research, Private Equity e M&A

Projects aimed at developing skills and knowledge in practice for competitions. They are done with the mentoring of professionals from institutions linked to the financial market. The results are presented at the Poli Finance Conference.

Book club

Poli Finance members read a book and then discuss it with a Financial Marketer.

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