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Inspired by the American Investment Management student clubs, such as Wharton's and Stanford's, Poli Finance was founded in 2012 as an undergraduate group dedicated to the study of financial markets. Through large university events and partnerships with the main banks and companies, the group aims to develop relationship between the university and the market, as well as to prepare its members to reach relevant positions in these companies.

In its short period of activity, Poli Finance has risen as one of the most prominent student institutions in Brazil and has reached excellent results in the main Undergraduate Equity Research competitions in the country. The same goes when it comes to international accolades. Achievements include winning the Continental American round and reaching second place in the Global round of the CFA Institute Research Challenge, the world's main undergraduate Equity Research competition.



Becoming a top-of-mind institution when it comes to undergraduate financial studies and a network of top-tier professionals in the financial markets



Fernando Casanova

“At Poli Finance, undergraduates develop themselves through investment management cases, competitions and training. Moreover, members exercise strategic planning, sponsorship prospection, product elaboration and managing projects, relations and financial resources.”

Former President

2014 - 2015




Andres Estevez.jpg

Andres Estevez

“Ever since Poli Finance was founded, our goal has always been clear: being the connection between the student and the finance universe. Nowadays, our objective hasn’t changed. Through our courses, lectures and events, we manage to present to Poli and USP’s students the concepts, perspectives and basic abilities for an optimal insertion in the financial markets.”

Founder and Former President

2012 - 2013
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

 Investment Banking


Fernando Donegá

“Our intention through founding Poli Finance was to assist Poli’s students who nurture interest for financial markets in learning more on the subject and preparing better for their careers. Today, it’s gratifying to see people thanking us for helping them achieve the job they wanted.”

Former President

2014 - 2015
Avi Medical

Strategic Finance Lead


Fernando Aragon dos Santos

“Poli Finance helps to open a wide range of opportunities which not always are obvious to Poli’s students, either in financial markets or large corporations. When I was a member, I had the opportunity to learn financial mathematics, accounting and finances, join the market and contribute to the learning process of several students who did as well.”

Academic Director

2014 - 2015

BTG Pactual

Investment Banking 

Associate Partner


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